2016/10/9-14 IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2016 in Brisbane/第10回IWA世界会議・展示会(ブリスベン)

IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition (WWC&E) 2016 was held in Brisbane, Australia on 9-14 October 2016. More than 5,000 participants from all over the world attended the conference (45 people among them participated the delegates’ tour organized by JWWA). A lot of Japanese delegates performed not only oral presentation but also seminars, group sessions and workshops in the congress.
In the closing ceremony, the takeover ceremony to Tokyo in 2018 was carried out and our Chair, Prof. Furumai made a welcome speech to promote WWC&E in Tokyo as the Chair of Host Country Committee (HCC).
In the exhibition, 15 organizations including JWWA exhibited Japanese technologies and knowledge as well as the information of WWC&E 2018 in Tokyo as a “Japan Pavilion”.
In addition, Joint Organizing Committee (JOC) for WWC&E 2018 between IWA and HCC was also held on 13 October at the same venue.

1. Date: 9–14 October 2016
2. Destination: Brisbane, Australia
3. Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
4. Theme: Shaping Our Water Future
5. Participants:
- Congress: 5,153 people
- Exhibition: 205 companies
6. Presentations:
- Oral: 1,086 (24 from Japan)
- Poster: 439 (46 from Japan)


1. 開催期間:2016(平成28)年10月9日(日)~14日(金)
2. 開催地:オーストラリア・ブリスベン
3. 会 場:ブリスベンコンベンション&エキシビションセンター
4. テーマ:水未来の形成
5. 参加者:会議:5,153名、展示会:出展者205団体
6. 発表数:発表:1,086編(うち日本より24編)